I’ve been working with some very cool clients, who are doing some very impressive stuff (more on that soon, I promise). But their in-house designer has been using Dreamweaver to build a lot of their websites which I am now helping them update and maintain. I’ve tinkered with Dreamweaver, but found it easier to get things the way I want across browsers coding by hand with tools like Aptana which offers really nice code-completion and coloring.

Yeah, Dreamweaver makes building websites easy, but as soon as it needs to be maintained, streamlined, edited, re-skinned for different browsing clients like cell phones or kiosks, get ready for the pain. Dreamweaver produces what I am inelegantly describing as code-diarrhea. A giant nest of tables, javascript effects that should be done with CSS, and code that doesn’t validate causing browsers to occasionally freakout or slip into quirks-more.

I know it has a use. I know it brings value in many contexts. But Dreamweaver is joining IE in my list of hated apps.

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  1. Posted February 20, 2009 at 5:40 pm | Permalink

    I fukin hate DW for the code it generates, but I sometimes find it useful for managing multiple sites, and the code highlighting, because of my inherited inability to see details of things.

    But IE can go to hell.

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