Essential Forms develops web application solutions, tailored to our clients needs, using the most innovative, open-source mediums available.

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the Essential Forms Family

No. 1, inc. - Chicago, ILL

No. 1 (number one) is a Creative IT Studio, specializing in client-driven solution development, consultation services, and experience design.

We partner with each of our clients to develop sophisticated, custom tailored experiences and applications that they can easily update and maintain themselves, using the most innovative, open-source mediums available.

DBLDUTCH, inc. - Chicago, IL

DBLDUTCH, inc. is a Creative + Design Studio focused on collaboration with our clients and their brands. We foster an interdisciplinary creative process that results in comprehensive, informed, and unique solutions to their needs.

DBLDUTCH, inc.: Designing Development™


I just read a great article over at LifeHacker which has me very hopeful about the immediate future of the web.  Google will be halting support for Internet Explorer 6 when using their venerable Google Apps platform.


HYSTK™ - Chicago, ILL

HYSTK is a group of media savvy professionals that works with its clients closely to create, design, and/or produce their own innovative vision.

We make ourselves accessible, and structure our client relationships around a strict workflow process. By creating a good faith process, we can guarantee the same standard of work every time.

HYSTK produces astounding, high-quality media for our www.dbldutch.orgould never imagine.